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Always Remain Strong because Strong Walls Shake but Never Collapse

To say weak people are always victims in this world is not true, because someone who is very strong mentally and spiritually can become a victim too.
When we trust everybody then it is unfortunately a form of weakness in our life .
The saying “Every man’s censure is first moulded in his own nature” have more disadvantages than advantages in these modern times .
Just look at each hotel there are close circuits cameras everywhere now and its stay there for a reason, because the trust has been abused more often .
Hotel is suppose to be a safe place for their guests to stay but now they have to protect the guests for guests and staff with their 24 hour surveillance camera.
The building exterior walls is not enough to be protected because they even built a security layer with automatic doors and cameras to provide additional protection for the guest in the hotel against crime
This will let us to think about the changing of humanity is a disadvantage.
There are many challenges that we face in life, everyone has their own wall , but the important thing is that the wall will never collapse.
Therefore we must protect ourselves and build a strong wall with different level of security processes.
We must prepared that when something bad happened to our private life, we will not collapse and lose everything because our foundation in life are still very weak.
Always be prepared and build a wall for ourselves and those we love, to protect us against the worst possible evil.
A complete and protected solution to every attack can change for our life.
So our life will not collapse but we learned our lesson everthing we manage to overcome challenge when our wall was shaken.
We are back stronger and they may just shake our wall but our life will not collapse, instead it will always remain to stand like a rock in the surf.
While the evil will walk towards the wall and bang his head against it.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Ja


Always Remain Strong because Strong Walls Shake but Never Collapse

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