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Be an Optimist who Appreciate Every Steps, Instead of the Pessimist who Sees it as a Stumbling Block

It’s easy in life for putting salt on every snail, but how pessimistic we are, the more difficult it is to see the good in something. If we are positive then we can treat every setback and disappointment as the learning process, this can let us gain experience in repetition which will only increase our knowledge of life. If we are pessimistic then we only see everything in negative, so there is nothing for us to learn with a wrong understanding, because we did not see it as an improvement for a good start. Any experience of an New event in life is an occurrence and this give us the development of a chance for a lesson to aware and be affixed as am improvement to our exist on earth. If we are optimistic about it, then it is a gift to make us aware of this, and it will also be a good experience and lessons for the future. Without our own experience we will never be aware voluntarily of the things in life, this will give a negative impact on ourselves, so in contrast we will not know what to do. Be an optimistic for all the things happens in our life will help us to find a solution sooner, so when there is a similar recurrence, we have the opportunity to respond to it properly. Life is not a stumbling block but rather a lesson to overcome for us, so we can be stronger than before for the day to come, therefore always be an optimist who appreciates every step as a gift.

I wish you a healthy life. Kindly Regards, Author Jan Jansen


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